Growth, I have been observing many things in life and their ability to grow or not grow. Most things I watch from afar, such as corporations, businesses, and people groups. Some things I watch closely, like my job, friends, and finances. Very few things in life I watch with microscopic examination, such as my health and well being, the health and well being of my wife, and the stability of our home’s ecosystem. 

I try to have a general knowledge of where most all of these things are at. I try to keep an idea of what symptoms are of a healthy growing home and symptoms of an unhealthy growing home.

The unhealthy growth is resonating with me deeply at the moment. Unhealthy things grow. Cancer, great example of unhealthy growth. 

Nobody asks for cancer. Nobody wants uncontrolled growth in their body. Nobody wants their body to become a garden of tumors. However, unhealthy things grow. Weeds grow. They grow right along side healthy wheat. They spring up and there is nothing you can do about it. 

As I continue to fertilize, water, and cultivate my personal health, there will be seeds falling into the soil I did not put there. There will be parts of me I did not intend to grow, but they have been growing for years. There will other parts of me I thought were healthy and it turns out the net result is unhealthy. 

The unhealthy parts will grow, even when I think I have cut them off. The only way to pull them up is to dig deep and pull it up by its roots and know it is going to hurt. 

An unhealthy part of me is, I am afraid to speak truth or my opinion (not always the same thing) when it opposes someone else’s truth or opinion. I am afraid to hurt people’s feelings. I am not doing these people any good to not speak truth when they are pointed in a bad direction.

Where are unhealthy things growing in your life? 

Digging Deep,