Great Scott!

In case you missed it, today is the day Marty McFly went back to the future and stopped Biff. I think it will be hard to miss this one. I am sure every news outlet in the world will be reporting on it. They will be comparing and contrasting between these two worlds and how different they are. They will point out my lack of true hover-board, an absolute atrocity by my standards. They will show how I still do not have a flying car. They will be disappointed by the lack of continued Jaws sequels. 

However, will they question my expectations? 

Will they force me to be content where I am? 

Will they encourage me to pay attention and see what is going on around me?

Be content with my friends?

Be content with the world around me?

I do not want to encourage apathy towards growth; but, I do want to encourage joy in the moment. I get lost too easily in these high expectations I have for the future. I have high expectations for what life will bring me next. I have high expectations for what I can do in the future and where I can go. I have high expectations for the next Star Wars movie. 

When was the last time I stopped looking forward to the next thing and decided I could be content with whatever I am given? When was the last time I decided to not expect what I saw in main stream media in my own life? When was the last time I decided success is defined by my ability to enjoy the luxuries I have, not work for the luxuries I do not have?

When was the last time you said enough is plenty?