The other day someone peered over my shoulder as I was working on some odds and ends bouncing between email and web browsers and they were impressed by how fluidly I moved around and how I had applications and windows sorted on the computer. Really, I do not ever think about it. Most of it is all pretty simple and well thought out and arranged around my computer’s desktops for where I want them to be. It is natural and logical to me. 

However, to them, it was brilliant! They had never thought of it all this way. They had never thought to use spaces like I do or arrange their applications like I do. It was genius. What was completely obvious to me was genius to them. 

Likewise, I was playing a game and I kept failing pretty hard with some friends and strangers. They pointed out how I was failing and what to do differently. To me, what they suggested was not only brilliant but also perfect. They solved my problem and made it possible for the whole team to succeed. And we did. 

Their suggestion was obvious to them and genius to me. 

It all brought me back to how I can often miss the most obvious of things; but, when someone else brings their opinion to play, I can suddenly be shocked out of my train of logic into a different train of thought I had never thought of before. A train of logic seeming quite brilliant to me. 

I have to wonder, was E=MC^2 brilliant to Einstein or was it obvious? 

What brilliant idea are you logically working out as if it should be plain as day to everyone around you? What brilliant idea have you come across from someone else who thought it was no more than common place? How are you observing the people around you to grow and improve in new ways?