Upside Down & Inside Out

I am sure you have probably seen the Upside Down And Inside Out video by our old friends OK GO. It is a fun video. They obviously had a blast making it and I cannot help but to smile as I watch it!

There is absolutely no reason not to go watch it.

On my second time through the video, I was grinning so much. I was having fun, watching them, have fun. More accurately, I was watching them do something I want to do. They were doing stuff they had probably been dreaming of doing. Who know how long it took them sitting around flinging ideas around before they united on this idea. Then they would have to start calling around and trying to get an airline to agree to let them use their plane to do all this. 

Finally, they get to go have a great time as a group of friends zipping around in Zero G. All because they tried. All because they keep doing something they love do they get the perk of doing something so cool. I get to watch them do something I would love to do because they do what they love to do. They put their work out there. It did not start as four guys in Zero G. It started in some garage somewhere and it probably did not sound this good.

Only now does it sound as fun as it does because they kept trying and improving. Trying and improving. They get to do what they do because they keep doing what they do. I am sure there are plenty of crummy parts, where they do not want to do this anymore. But I know when I look back on my life and the fun times. I do not think about all the hard times in the midst of the fun times. I think about how much fun I had when I was having fun.

What is something you only dream of doing? What are the steps between you and doing what you dream of doing? How do you make the next step towards your dream? How are you going to feel if a year from now, you still have not taken the next step towards your dream?