Golly gee, nothing like a milestone to get me to stop and look back. And really, not only glance back, but truly, look back at the sea of sand from the beach parking lot. Look back in the sense of I am sifting the sand looking for thegold shavings I lost.

I have been looking back at how I got to where I am asking questions. Questions about everything. Everything has been up for questioning. Not because everything can go. But because the treasures is not going to make itself apparent. The treasures I have forgotten are not simply missing, they are lost and not easily found.

Everything can be questioned because everything has value and sometimes the only way to get the most value from life’s things is to question all the things.

When I set something off limits to questioning, I tell myself it has no more value. When I stop questioning things, I stop contributing value to them.

How are you contributing value to things in your life? What are you devaluing by not questioning? What can you add value to by questioning?