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I was listening to a newer podcast I like and it assesses Apple and their ability to succeed in the face of difficult circumstances. They were assessing numbers and viability and market share and all the products Apple sells.

One of the things they were talking about was how Apple was moving to be more service and subscription based and less product based. In their discussion, they asked a pivotal question about what will people be talking about in twenty years regarding Apple and their sustainability and their success and what made them great. They even asked about Apple’s longevity and whether or not they would still be in business in twenty years and whether or not their current products and services would be necessary.

All of this questioning made me ask and question how a company could still last in twenty years. How could a company sustain itself for so long? What products can we guarantee will be around in twenty years and they are around today?

I came up with a few different products. But only one of those products really hit me in the gut.


Time is the globally universal product we all have. We spend it. We steal it. We lose. We find it. We try to make it. We never have enough of it. And too often we waste it.

Time is limited and I trade it too easily.

Time is limited and I give it away at the drop of a hat.

What is your time worth? How do you spend your time? In twenty years, do you want to look back and say you spend your time this way? Who can help you stay on track for spending your time better?