With my swan-dive into health and fitness, I have also made some adjustments to my diet. One of those adjustments has been to limit certain types of foods. My body has reacted in different ways. One of the ways my body has reacted is in dipping in energy and mental attitudes. I have found when my blood sugar level dips I don’t always have the best mental attitude to interact with other people. I get testy, impatient, and relatively unreasonable.

I am not dipping down below healthy levels, I am crashing from a high back down to normal and it is not a pretty sight. I let myself become irrational. My body is transitioning from unhealthy to healthy and from peppy to pure frustration. Another transition my body makes is from hungry to hungry (hungry and angry.)

The common theme is a mental shift. My mentality shifts from ok, to freaking out. I have started catching myself. I have started stepping back from the situation and reminding myself I am not in a terrible spot. I am in my a good spot, my body is reacting poorly to the quick change from a cheap high.

It is amazing how badly it affects me. I am downright embarrassed it affects me as much as it does. The worst moment is the moment when I realize my negative mental attitude is because of my body not because of the issue. The worst moment is when I do not react correctly and instead I act pridefully. I try to lie to myself and say it there is something else wrong or I am upset over the issue not because my body is freaking out.

The pride moments are killer.

I am most embarrassed of the pride moments.

In what ways does your body affect your mental attitude? What are the symptoms of your mind giving in to your body’s negative state? How can you catch yourself from negatively reacting to unrelated things when your body is not doing well? Who can help you catch yourself when your body is freaking out? How does your body’s state color your lens?



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