Performance Review

Having gone through the hiring process recently, I had an odd revelation. “If I was my own boss, would I hire me to be me.” It was a question of self reflection. Would I actually hire me to be me or would I pass me over? When it comes to growth/improvement, quality, and consistency, would I hire me to do be me, or would I keep looking for someone else to do the job? It was an odd question, but it really made me step back and take a look at how good of a job I have been doing what I might expect from someone in my stage of life.

Then I rearranged my into a new question, If I were my boss and I was up for a review, what would my review look like? Would it be a good review? Would I be pleased with how I am doing? Would I be succeeding in my role? What would my growth plan look like?

How about you, would you hire you to be you? If you were your boss and you had to create a growth plan for yourself, what would the growth plan look like? What would the deadlines and measurable be? Where are you succeeding? What are the areas you have that might fall into the category of ‘needs improvement’?



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