Insight to Progress

This week is a mixed bag of emotions for everyone. Some people are excited for the new opportunities in their elected candidate. Other people are depressed by their candidate not being elected.

Whether or not your candidate is set to be sworn in next January, remember what they cannot create laws against.

Love. You cannot outlaw love.
Joy. The worst they can do is accuse you of being too nice and friendly.
Peace. How do you respond when they incite you to riot?
Patience. When you do not get your way, will you continue to fight on?
Kindness. The other side of the “aisle” has a different opinion than you. How do you treat them?
Goodness. How does who wants more goodness act in the face of opposition?
Gentleness. A soft touch and a soft heart are appealing and incite progress.
Self-control. Stay focused on your goals, priorities, and ethics. Have any of these since November 7th?

Against these things there is no law. These are the catalysts to growing as a nation.

Will you let the news, politics, and election decide your emotions? Or will you choose your actions intentionally?


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