Thought Life

I am an internal processor. I spend quite a bit of time alone with my thoughts trying to make sense of the world, listening to podcasts, reading little articles, and watching the world around me.

One of the unhealthy ways I process is by having conversations with people in my head. Whether it is reliving recent conversations and thinking of other things I should have said or having totally new fictional conversations with someone and totally taking them to task (of course I ‘win’ the conversation, I am in my head.)

I have done this as far back as I can remember. However I recently realized how unhealthy it is. I recently realized how bad it is for me and how much time I have lost just sitting spinning in circles in my head talking over and over. Running through conversations what would have no positive effect on the situation. Ultimately, these conversations only succeed in getting me worked up and mad about the same thing all over again. Then I am in a grumpy mood for little to no reason at all.

The worst of it, I am also missing out on whatever is going on around me. I am so deep inside my head I cannot even see what is going on in front of my face. I am missing out on the life around me because of the bits taking over my mind.

What is an unhealthy way you process your frustrations? How can you process your frustrations in a healthier way? Who can you talk to about your frustrations to help you get past the unhealthy bits?



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