Another Way

Martin Luther King Jr. was a very prolific man. He inspired change without violence or riots. He shaped the face of equality and carried the flag of equality. He did all this without firing a shot.

He is one of the reasons I will never support a message of hate or rioting to cause change in America.

He showed us that despite the need for radical and immense change, it doesn’t take a gun or rocket. It takes the courage to believe in the human beings on the other side of the line from me. It takes me believing they are capable of change, progress, growth, and prosperity in a world where we work together.

A message we need to remember in this political climate.

We are a bunch of people all trying our best to do what we think is right.

How are you doing at treating the people across the line from you as real people trying to do what they think is right? What are you modeling for your friends, children, and coworkers?



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