Systems & Processes

You are not the first person ever. Odds are someone before you has done what you have been trying to do. They worked it out. Experimented. Tried over and over again. Developed a best method or practice. And now they have probably even written about it. They have shared their idea with the internet for everyone to read for free or cheap.

Why then are you trying to figure out how to do it on your own? Adapt their method to your use case. Odds are they figured out the fastest and cheapest way to do it. Plus, if you use their method, you have just freed up so much of your own time to get things done that really matter.

And if you are doing this and you are the only one who does it and it has to be done the way you do it. Then why not write it down, systemize it, and help someone else do what you are doing. There is a pretty good chance there are other people in the world trying to do what you are doing. These other people can probably use your advise and perspective on how to do what you are already doing so well.

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