Discount Products

The industry sets a price for something. The consumer decides how much it is worth.

A conference. A phone. A house. A bag of chips.

The industry set the price on all of these things.

We will only pay so much for each of them. However, at some point we will trade our money for a discounted version of each item. We no longer get the original item, we only have access to the discount version because we do not value the product or service as much as we did.

We will go get a discount oil change from a non-expert, in a conveyor style environment, with a cheap oil that won’t last as long, and protect our engine as well all in the name of saving a buck.

Even though, what we wanted was the dealership oil change with the right oil, and the expert care that can hear the timing belt being out of alignment in the engine.

So willing so quickly to discount the service before you even get close to receiving it. Willing to cheapen the whole experience all in the name of saving a couple bucks here or there. But you must have it. Or do you really need it?

Was saving a buck really worth it? Did you actually save anything in the long run? Where else are you discounting the service you actually want? What else do you need to pay full price for so you can get the experience you actually want?

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