I was pacing around the apartment for uninteresting reasons. As I paced I started finding a warm spot in the carpet.

Once I convinced myself I had not spilled warm liquid, my son had not drooled or peed, and the warm spot on the carpet was not about to spontaneously combust. I then decided that spot in the carpet was warm because of my pacing.

Obviously, I kept stepping in the exact same spot over and over again. The friction from my pacing then started to heat the spot, and only that spot, in the carpet. Then reality came crashing down.

The spot I kept stepping was warm because it was right next to the oil electric heater we had been running in the apartment.

This was a quick, 30 second, event. This is only a symptom of what I do all the time.

Convince myself of something completely inane using flawed logic leading to a crazy assumption.

What are you convincing yourself of? What is your thought process to get there? Where have you been using flawed logic? Who can help you sort out where you are using flawed logic?

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My Own Press

My biggest problem with listening to the people who know me best is not that they tear me down. It is that they build me up. I need to be built up. I need their help. I need the help of my friends to help me keep up my self-esteem. And to be the yin to the proverbial yang, I also need to not get so caught up in what my friends think of me that I forget who I am.

I need to keep my head down and keep working hard. I cannot let my friends’ perspective steer me off course to be more self-important than I really am.

I am no more than my friends say I am. I do not exist to please my friends. But I am only as good as they say I am. No more. No less.

Believing I am more than my friends say I am will only lead me to live in the illusion of fame, the busyness of too much to do, and the arrogance to make mistakes.

What does arrogance lead you to? Where are you developing pride? Where do you need to be taken down a notch?



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For every step I take in knowing who I am and how comfortable I am in my own skin I find mixed results. I the more comfortable I am in my own skin, the more I am able to relax, let my hair down, and be who I am with people I know and trust. However, the more I am who I am most comfortable being, the more I receive questions and comments about my attitude, demeanor, and disposition. 

People start to ask me if I am ok all the time. They start to ask about me. They start to get really concerned about me. In turn, I start to get really concerned about myself. I start to become hyper aware of my own demeanor and disposition. I start to question whether or not I am ok. I start to dig around and look into how I am doing, I assume there is something wrong. I am constantly looking for the wrong thing looking to fix it. I want to fix the broken part when all along, the broken part is what I assumed.

I assumed there is something wrong. 

There was not anything wrong more than my assumption. I was ok to begin with. I was just operating differently than everyone else which is completely normal. I am different than many and similar to many. However, the people I am different from will ask if I am ok because they are not sure. The people I am the same as will ask if I am ok because they care. 

Are you starting with the wrong assumption? What is your problem?