Being Baby Bear

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Growing up I heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The story, as I remember it, is about this girl who stumbled upon a bear’s den, sampled their porridge, ate her favorite, and fell asleep in the most comfortable bed. The bears came home and were displeased with the eaten porridge and then punished the girl.

Obviously, the mom and dad bears were the judge, jury, and executors concerning her punishment. And Baby Bear was the innocent bystander watching the goings on.

Baby Bear did not have a say in the situation. As a matter of fact, he probably went to his Baby Bear bedroom, played with his bear legos, read a bear book, and maybe daydreamed about living in a bear’s galaxy far far away.

Baby Bear, had nothing to do with the situation besides having potentially shared some of his cold porridge with his mom who was woefully without porridge due to Red Riding Hood’s selfish porridge eating ways.

I realized I identify with Baby Bear. You might say he has been my spirit animal. However, the issue with being Baby Bear is that he has no active part, takes no active part, and does not participate in the story. It is time for me to take part, participate, and engage the story.

What is your role in the story? Which character do you identify with? What are the pros and cons of that character? What can you do to better engage your story?

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Waking Up

The recent events of Paris have slammed into us all. These events have awoken me as well as I am sure you have been awoken as well. These events have reminded us of the worst parts of humanity. Our collective lowest points and how terrible humanity can be when we act out of pure selfishness and extremism. Truly an atrocity in Paris.

Alongside these events in Paris have come a series of responses ranging the full gamut. One response being the Bleeding Heart. These are the people who have been changing their profile photo, making statuses on social media of their thoughts, prayers, and good vibes being sent towards Parisians caught up in these events. 

Then there are other peoples' responses, such as the Cynic’s approach. The people who are unimpressed by these statuses, avatar changes, and sending of prayers. These people cite the monetary value of these changes to be nothing. To the Cynic, sending nothing to Paris is the same as doing the listed actions above. The Cynic also makes comments about the unreported atrocities going on every day. They point out the lack of emotion from the bleeding heart and the mainstream media's lack of coverage. All of which ends up hurting and devaluing what the Bleeding Heart was saying or doing in the first place. 

The Bleeding Heart eventually responds mad and makes an inflammatory defensive statement towards the Cynic. 

The Cynic, justified by the Bleeding Heart, fires off some snarky remarks designed to enflame the Bleeding Heart. 

At the end of the conversation, no one has won. There is only anger, pain, and hurt people. When all along the Cynic only wants people to take action and the Bleeding Hearts wants to help people. 

Action is exactly what everyone wants. Everyone wants to help. Everyone wants to see restoration and healing. The prayers are powerful. The thoughts are encouraging. And donating to the cause makes a difference. 

All of these parts are necessary. I cannot let myself stop short of taking action. Too often I hear of something tragic going on whether it be up the street or half way around the world and I say my prayer and call it good. Not often enough do I take time to donate my time or money to the cause. 

In this season of generosity, will you donate to the cause? What other times do you stop short when you are called to do more than an obligatory prayer? Who are you in this scenario, the Cynic or the Bleeding Heart?

Both And,


P.S. I found these two charities. One to help the victims of Bataclan and one to help the Syrian Refugees. I have not researched or vetted these charities in any way. I strongly suggest doing your research before donating, but I think these charities are trying to help people who are front and center of the world’s stage.

Support the Syrian Refugees [Global Giving] 

Support the Bataclan Theater victims [Bitcoin Only]