Driver Fatigue

On the road of life, the journey is the point.

Driver Fatigue.jpg

We all start and end in the same places. It is what we do with the time in between the start and finish that makes all the difference. What you use your journey for is what makes the difference.

Using your journey to eek ahead every little so you reach a stoplight before everyone else will put you in the lead of a bunch of people who are not happy with you.

Using your drive to drive as far as you can as fast as you can will only leave you tired and fatigued. Your driving will get worse as time goes on and you will make stupid mistakes you never would have made if you were getting enough rest.

Using your journey to make space for others to merge and lane change as needed, helps you make friends and makes you a hero to someone in their moment of need.

How will you use your journey? Who are the people you have made friends with? Who are the people you have maybe edged out and are not happy with you? What can you do to make friends moving forward? What can you do to help other people as they journey along? Who can help you make wise decisions on your journey?

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