Different Strokes

There are people I have met in my life who are truly different from me. Whether they are so harsh and to the point and I cannot be around them because I feel steam rolled and manipulated. They are so creative and artistic, I cannot understand what is going on in their minds. There are also people who might also rub me the wrong way, their voice, the things they say, their vernacular, clothes they wear, or simple the way they smell. They rub me the wrong way and I am immediately driven nuts the moment they walk into a room.

I have met a handful of people in my life who fall into one of these categories. They don’t mean to cause my toes to curl, but they do. I can think of a few now. I have dealt with them poorly at times or completely avoided them in the most ridiculous of manners. 

I now realize I have never been intentional about consistently celebrating these people. I have never seen the difference and called it out as an amazing part of who they are. The harsh person will get things done, the artist will create beautiful work, and the people who grate on my nerves are loved and valued by many. When have I taken the time to call out their differences as something to be celebrated?

Valuing diversity,