Ashes to Ashes

What is it about the underdog story? The story of the gal who rose from the ashes and put her life back together. Or the guy who recovered from addiction and 7 years later is now happily married, stable, and has his second kid on the way. What about these stories resonates so much with me. 

Why is it now that I’ve risen from my comparative ashes that I now feel pseudo invincible. Not in the sense I’ve adopted some risky lifestyle or behavior where I’m on the edge and always looking for my next plane to jump out of or mountain to climb. 

I’m taking risks in relationships. I’m pushing boundaries where I would’ve gone with the flow.

I relate to these stories as I feel as if I have risen from my own ashes. I do not think on the imperial scale my low is the lowest of all lows. However, on the relative scale I do think my low was as low as I’ve been. Now I have the opportunity to rise. I get to be resurrected from the ashes and push forward.

I now get to decide when the pushing stops. I deci whether or not I am going to face the next challenge. I may not always choose or create the challenge. I will decide whether or not I’m going to step up to the plate or take an excuse. 

What excuse are you taking instead of stepping up for the next challenge?