Great marketing is great. It shows up in the right spot. It is seen by everyone in the target market and it usually even memorable. The issue with great marketing is, it will be replaced by more great marketing.


The best marketing is great content. Great content causes changes. Great content causes differences in people. Great content makes you better at being you. Great content inspires you to walk out your front door and do something. Great content inspires you to contribute to something much, much, larger than yourself.

Similarly, good ideas work. Good ideas put a smile on your face and make you think about getting how effective the idea can be. Good ideas get some people to do some things sometimes. When you share a good idea, people nod their heads, agree, and will generally agree someone should do something about your idea. A good idea will get people to think about the possibilities and never get out of their recliner. What is the difference between a good idea and a bad idea a la mode with whip cream and a blueberry on top?

A great idea does more than get people out of their recliner.
A great idea inspires people to live beyond their capacity.
A good idea puts a bandage on a paper cut.
A great idea makes the impossible, possible.

Where do you spend your time? How many good ideas have you thrown out lately? What is stopping you from working on great ideas? How can you eliminate/mitigate these road blocks?

Aiming for great,