Next Up

My life has been a good journey. Not the best journey by a long shot, but a good journey none the less. I have enjoyed many parts. I think I have done some parts well, some parts not so well, and some parts I would like to go back and redo. However, my story has been a pretty good one.

Though, I am pretty focused on continuing to move forward in my journey, moving on to what comes next. Not so much in the sense of always looking for a job or pushing my career along or my life status to the next logical level. Simply, I get too caught up in the next thing coming. I get too lost in what comes next.

I do not often enough stop to smell the roses so to speak. I do not pay attention to the story I am living. I get focused on the next major event and I get lost in the details of what comes next and annoyed by the thing I am currently doing. So annoyed that I lose sight of the great parts of the path I am traveling.

I too easily get lost in how the next thing is coming and I need to be preparing for it.

The next thing is coming and I need to be ready.

The next thing is coming and the landing point is not yet prepared and I better get ready.

I lose sight of the current point I am in and miss the voyage to get to the next place. When I arrive, I am already planning the next event or destination. I am already planning what comes next.

I too easily get lost in the next bit and I do not often enough enjoy the journey to the last bit. I do not often enough enjoy what has come and gone. I do not easily enough celebrate a good life event.

Too easily I am engulfed by preparing for the destination and I miss how good the scenery is right next to me.

What is the scenery around you? What are the little things you are missing today because you are too focused on the next bit? Are you too focused on your goals?

Stopping to smell the roses,