Leveling Up

I was listening to a podcast recently and they mentioned in passing about, ‘leveling up.’ The podcast was about growth and advancement and developing. It was really about their specific process, but they made this passing comment about leveling up. I took the passing comment and ran with it.

My brain took the passing comment and my creative juices flowed with the idea to make it an intentional part of growth.

My brain made it a qualifier for growth. Where am I at now? What situation am I in? What does it look like to ‘level up’ past where I am now? How do I start moving my life towards leveling up?

My brain took ‘leveling up’ and made it into a way to get past hurdles. My brain gamified life. I donot love the idea of gamifying life, but I do love the way I am able to look at the future with a more concrete perspective. I am able to see where I am at and how to get to the next level. I can create a clearer plan on what it looks like to be a better version of me. My belongings are tools to augment who I am and make me better. Make my family better. Make my community better. I have to look at the usefulness of things and the job they do rather than pick up the fun stuff I want or desire.

The ‘leveling up’ life has a great potential to grow and mature. I am more inspired to be better when I feel like I am putting milestones into my life to grow past and develop through.

What does leveling up look like for you? What are you keeping around you that is not helping you be better at being you? How can you help someone else level up?

Leveling Up,