Attitude Indicator

I recently learned about the attitude indicator from an episode [Apple Podcast | Web] of The Art of Manliness podcast by Brett McKay (Art of Manliness with Les Parrot.

One of the points Les makes in the episode is about Attitude Indicators. In flight, they reference the plane’s orientation with the horizon.

In life, they reference my orientation with the people around me, the events around me, and my reaction to my life’s circumstances.

A few of my Attitude Indicators:

Willingness to take responsibility for my successes…and failures.

Ability to take constructive criticism.

Ability to give constructive criticism.

Willingness to join in a conversation.

Willingness to help others.

What are you Attitude Indicators? What does it look like for you to have a good attitude? What does it look like for you to have a bad attitude?



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