Whenever I look at ancient architecture, I have to almost physically stop my self and remember someone built this building. Someone sat down, laid out a plan and decided to build this building. They decided it best for this series of bricks, carved stone, or pour blocks to go where they are.

I can look at the modern civilization around the ancient architecture and see this building is completely out of place. It no longer belongs, but once upon a time, it was exactly where it needed to be for the purpose it was made.

It was made where it was made for a reason.

For the construction no longer standing, it had a purpose but it did not stand the test of time. Whether the materials gave out, mother nature had her way, or war took its toll. The building is no more.

Today, I can see modern society, government, and the culture. They have all been placed where they are for a reason. They were all created with a purpose. I use all of them regularly.

However, I have to be prepared to contribute to them if I expect to ever see them change for the better. I have to be willing to throw in my two cents or I will forever be a silent victim of their demise.

How are you working to make the structures you are a part of better? What are you doing to add to positive forward progress? How are you making the people around you better?



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