When I drop something off with the USPS or UPS or FedEx. They take it and immediately start moving it towards the intended destination as fast as they should. They do not have the option to sit on it or wait. They have been given my parcel to be delivered and they have the responsibility of getting it there.

Similarly, when I have an idea, passion, or solution. I have the responsibility to take it to the logical end. I cannot sit on it and rob the world of the idea and keep it from helping others or implementing it into a system. These ideas are meant to better the world around me. I have to let them out and help everyone else I can.

My friends.

My coworkers.

My family.

I have to put my ideas out there otherwise I am robbing other people of the better life I can help them have. The better life I could have. All because I shipped my idea and did not sit on it anymore. Not that my ideas are the key to success, but they are a step in the journey.

What ideas are you holding back from implementing? For yourself and others, what problems and solutions do you see? Who can help you ship more of your ideas?



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