I like to bounce around with new ideas. I have quite a bit of fun sprouting ideas no matter how real or unreal they are. I like iterating and innovating on existing structures and blending together tools and resources to see something new come to fruition.

One space I am creative in far too often is my relationships with other people. I create stories for people. I create reasons for people. I invent ideas for people. Motivations for others. I fill in the gaps.

When I fill the gaps, my materials range from the biographical to the fictional.

Far too often I fill in the gaps for other people. Sometimes, I literally fill in the gaps by finishing someone’s sentence for them. Most often, I fill in the gaps with a story. Usually the story assumes a positive light or at least a neutral motivation. Only in a few cases do I frequently assume a negative motivation.

Ultimately, they are all wrong. They all fill in holes I am not meant to have. In short, I must fill in the gaps with the truth. If I truly care about the story or motivation I need to investigate the source and use the source material to explain the reasons behind happening. The more I invent, the farther from reality I land.

Truly, my creative curse is knowing when to stop. When to stop creating stories and ideas. When to wait for the truth.

Where do you make up stories? Where do you create when you should wait? When do you work when you should be resting?



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