Fridays come every week. You look forward to them as the last day of the week but you also run into Thursday evening like a freight train. It runs you over!

Thursday evening is the night where you do not feel like cooking. You still have to go to work the next day and it has almost nothing to look forward to doing. Thursday is the day you have to survive to get to Friday. Wednesday is the middle of the week and you can celebrate the halfness of the week being over but all you do on Thursday is throwback to the days that were not Thursday.

What if you started doing Thursdays differently? What if you started putting something to look forward to on Thursdays? How about start planning a fun lunch date on Thursdays? You can Thursdays so much better, reward yourself with a dessert on Thursday nights. Thursday does not have to be a drag. And the best part is, you know Thursday is coming every week, you can plan on it.

What else in your life are you treating like Thursday? What else in your life drags like Thursday drags? Are you plagued by the 2PM blues? Do you plan to reward yourself for the hard meeting you are about to lead? Are you prepared for your car to break down, again?

Life throws you curveballs, but not knowing when they are coming does not mean you cannot prepare for them. I promise you your car will break down again. Your roof will spring a leak. A bag of groceries will fall apart. A friend will let you down. A safe bet will go awry.

Are you ready for it? How are you preparing for the curveballs?

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