Wisdom is a brain-space. It is the area in the brain where you decide to save for retirement rather than buy a Ferrari. Wisdom is choosing to make a decision for the betterment of the whole.


The issue with wisdom is when you find out whether or not you were wise. Generally, you never find out you were wise till after the situation plays itself out. You have to decide to deny your immediate wants and desires to make a longterm choice. But when it comes to retirement, if you save up and invest with the wrong firm, you lose it all and have no retirement and no Ferrari.

With wisdom, the proof is in the pudding.

You do not get to save yourself or others until the results of your wise decision come to fruition. Wisdom is not self evident. Wisdom is proven by her children, not on her own accord.

What risks have you taken to be wise? Where have you been wise previously? Who is helping you make wise choices? Who is you helping make wise choices?

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Have you ever noticed you cannot throw a baseball nearly as far when you without followthrough? You have to begin the stopping before you ever release the ball and you never ramp up to full speed because you know you are going to stop before you ever bring your arm around.

Same deal when you are up to bat. You bring the bat around and you have to stop as soon as you hit the ball. But you never get up to full speed and you have to begin the stopping process before you ever take your step towards the first base.

Same deal in life. When you commit but do not follow through with your commitment. You never reach full speed and you begin the stopping process as soon as you start. And you let down the rest of your team.

You let down the rest of your team.

How would you feel if someone else on your team was stopping before they start or never getting up to full speed?

In order to get up to full speed, you have to swing through the ball. In order to make the throw from first to third, you have to have followthrough.

In order to be an effective team member you have to have followthrough on your commitments and assignments. In order to go all the way, you have to follow through the wall.

I am afraid of followthrough because I do not want to fail. I do not like followthrough because I do not want to be the ‘bad guy’ with people.

We have to do it anyways.

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Growing up I received many promises. Promises to go do things, promises of riches, and promises of the future. My dad made many promises to me. He told me many different things of what he was going going to do for me or what we were going to do. 

The promises which never came true are the promises I remember most. My dad always had a ship about to come in with a wealth of money on it. He had bright ideas and ambitions. Many of which never came to fruition. He worked hard. He never slacked off. It was never his work ethic leaving him without. It was simply his ability to make promises he would never keep and dreams he never set as goals.

I find myself making these same promises. Not promises about wealth or success. Promises about the right thing to do. Promises including words such as, “I will do that.” or “I will take care of that next week.” or “I will talk to them next time I see them.” These promises are right. They are the promises I should be making. These are the promises I need to be making. However, not all of these promises lead to action. 

Not all of these promises am I writing on my calendar. 

Not all of these promises am I championing. 

Some of these promises I’m even making with the thought, “I have no idea how or if I’ll do this.” But, I still make these promises. Making these promises may not be the same as trying to be your family’s savior or hero, like my father tried. However, making these promises knowing I will never follow up on them is not healthy for me or for the people I am making promises to. If I do not have the ability or wherewithal to follow through on my word; then, I need to not make these promises. I need to say, “No, I cannot do this.” or “I cannot give you my word I can do this. I do not have the ability to do it right now.”

Fortunately, right now I am breaking promises to people and nothing of value hangs in the balance. In a few degrees, I will be breaking promises to people and things and I will not be able to pay the bill for damage I have done. I have to break the cycle now. 

What cycle do you need to break? What promise do you need to keep?

I Promise,