Have you ever noticed you cannot throw a baseball nearly as far when you without followthrough? You have to begin the stopping before you ever release the ball and you never ramp up to full speed because you know you are going to stop before you ever bring your arm around.

Same deal when you are up to bat. You bring the bat around and you have to stop as soon as you hit the ball. But you never get up to full speed and you have to begin the stopping process before you ever take your step towards the first base.

Same deal in life. When you commit but do not follow through with your commitment. You never reach full speed and you begin the stopping process as soon as you start. And you let down the rest of your team.

You let down the rest of your team.

How would you feel if someone else on your team was stopping before they start or never getting up to full speed?

In order to get up to full speed, you have to swing through the ball. In order to make the throw from first to third, you have to have followthrough.

In order to be an effective team member you have to have followthrough on your commitments and assignments. In order to go all the way, you have to follow through the wall.

I am afraid of followthrough because I do not want to fail. I do not like followthrough because I do not want to be the ‘bad guy’ with people.

We have to do it anyways.

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Same Team

When I get frustrated with people, I will start trying to explain why they did what they did or what their motivations are. I do not know their motivations for sure, I do not know what they are thinking for sure, I am not in their head. However, I am trying to assume I can get in their head.

I forget they are very different people than I am. They see the world through a different lens than I do. I forget they have very different life experiences than I do. I start to attribute my made up motives as their actual motives. Over time it goes from me trying to make it ok for them to have done something I dislike to their malicious intent.

The story I start telling myself is they are out to get me and we are not on the same team. I start to set myself against them because of the story in my head. I start to think they are colluding with the system to get rid of me and I forget.

I forget we are on the same team.

We are on the same team.

When I am on the same team as someone else, I am interested in their wellbeing. I have to stop telling myself the unhealthy stories and start having the hard conversations and working together.

Who are you telling stories about in your head? When was the last time you presented them with these stories? How can you work with these people you are frustrated with to get to the bottom of the stories you are telling yourself?



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