On Changing The World

The Relevant Podcast was one of the staple podcasts I originally listened to when I started listening to more podcasts. I do not listen to them much anymore, but I am still subscribed to them to see who they have on as a guest, what they’re talking about, and generally keep up to date on whether or not I want to listen to the current episode.

On one of their more recent episodes, they interviewed Seth Godin and talked to him about several things. The one thing that stuck out to me most was his discussion about how we can make the world a better place. He was not focused on everyone starting their own movement or everyone trying to conquer and control the world. He was focused on the simplest of things. He was focused on trying to positively affect a few people around you. Every day, have a positive influence on four or five people each day. 

How simple. 

I do not need to start a movement or create my own non-profit or travel to the deepest darkest parts of North Korea to change the world. I need to have a positive influence on a handful of people every day. Some days might be the same people over and over again. Other days might be a completely new group of people.

If I tried to improve or positively affect four or five people a day, how much better would the world be?

What is a reasonable number of people you can positively affect each day? How can you positively influence people each day?