The Pathmaker, Day Un

Day 1 of 2 in The PathmakerDiscovering What To Do…With Who You Are.’ 

It is good. It is a process that brings definition to lives and understanding, as the tagline says, what to do with who you are. 

I would say the process is built around bringing out the why your clock ticks the way it does. This is an odd sensation for me. I’ve felt like people who are gifted in this area have attempted before to do odds and ends in helping me clarify who I am, and they missed the mark. I’ve been through Myers Briggs and many others. This process seems to finder a deeper accuracy. Though it does involve a questionnaire, more of a binder of assessments, it is definitively just as much about the interview process as it is anything else. 

The interview process is what sets this psychometric test apart. The interview process has two very important variables. The first variable is me. Am I willing to be honest, transparent, and involved with a complete stranger in understanding who I am. I hope by the end of all this everyone going through this process would answer, “Yes.” to that question on my behalf, as much as I think I would answer yes. The second variable is the interviewer. 

The interviewer must be someone who you can connect with and really understands how to ask questions to me and how engage with who I am. I would say the leader of this process is a good interviewer. He is able to read me and my teammates well. He sees how we act and react to the questions and he adjusts accordingly. I don’t think this is a perfect process; however, this process will unlock most if not all the doors for me to have direction and a compass to help me understand myself. Today, I walk away with a draft, maybe a final draft, of my life’s purpose statement:

“I must be challenged by the Holy Spirit to create opportunities for others to pursue excellence.”

I do not know if this is the final draft. I do know this statement resonates with me quite a bit. I am thankful to have someone who is so perceptive to who others are that he can see into who I am to help me craft this statement. I look forward to another day of digging into myself and I am thankful that I have had this day of learning about myself (as if I haven’t had enough of these lately.)

Who is helping you dig into who you are?

Making Paths,