Pathmaker, Pathmaker, Make Me a Path

Pathmaker, Day 2 of 2. 

It is as if the essence of my being has been squeezed out of a wet rag into a bowl and now my limp musty body is hanging on the dowel drying out with that dank dishwater smell wafting up from it. 

I may have a slight bent for the dramatic. This did not show up in my assessment anywhere. I found a pitfall in this test obviously. Even with this obvious hole, I would recommend you find an opportunity to take yourself through this psychometric assessment. It concludes with investigating many nuances of who I am which is wonderful. It frees me to be who I am and understand who my neighbor is. It encourages me to see others for who they are and embrace our differences. 

I see my peers, my coworkers, my teammates as more valuable as I can understand more of the world through their eyes. If nothing else, this is invaluable. 

Who are people you need to take time to know better that you might see life through their eyes?