Accessibility Settings

Apple continually works to make their products more accessible to more and more people who would not normally be able to access their products. One way they have done so is their accessibility settings.

These settings can do a ton of different things from reading the screen to you if you are visually impaired or give you a button to perform commonly used functions or commands. You can even hook the iPhone up to hearing aids, zoom the screen/magnify or just plain make the text larger and/or bolder, to name a few.

These amazing settings make the phone easier to use for people who want to use a smartphone but they might need additional consideration.


In contrast, getting ahold of a company when I need product support, is almost impossible. For instance I was trying to call my cell phone provider recently and it took me multiple attempts and waiting on hold for a representative because they were experiencing ‘longer than normal wait times due to an increased volume of calls.’ Of course, I can give them my phone number and they will call me back later. And of course when they call later, I am in the middle of something and physically unable of answering my phone.

I am now left to call back again and wait. This time spending more time on hold and waiting for a representative despite the ‘longer than normal wait times due to an increase volume of calls’ ... again.

Which way have you positioned yourself? Are you more accessible or less accessible? Are you trying to find better ways for your customers and friends to be able to work and engage with you? Do you push your business and office to be more accessible to your customers?

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I Must

I have discussed before going through the Pathmaker personality psychometric. Part of the process is developing a purpose statement of sorts. A statement not so define yourself by, but to direct yourself. It is not all encompassing to who you are as much as it gives you symptoms of what it might mean to find direction and fulfillment in your life. 
Every purpose statement starts out the same, “I must…” All of them start this way; however, for some, these two words carry extra significance. For some, like me, these words also indicate my need to do things and be a part of things. These words signify my need for independence and autonomy. These words signify that – I – MUST – do things. These words also bite me in the butt because – I – cannot do everything. – I – am generally not well suited to do many things. There are people who do things I do, much better than I do. However, for a myriad of reasons, I am the one responsible for these things. 
There are other instances when I am not the most capable, I am not responsible, and – I – do it anyways. I do not grab someone who is more capable. I do not call out for help. I do not delegate. I do it up to a standard equalling less than the best. I do not beat myself up for not being the best. I do beat myself for not calling in the professionals to do what they do better than I do. 
– I – struggle with letting go. I struggle with delegation. – I – MUST – is seemingly a double edged sword at the moment. And this sword is sharp. This sword is cutting me often. I am not a fan of – I – MUST – right now. I would rather my purpose statement started with – SOMONE – MUST –. At which point it would be someone else’s purpose statement and defeat the point. This change would also free me from – I – MUST –. Instead, I continue to live in this tension of trying to let go so the more skilled can do and doing in order to keep the skilled from being bogged down by the mundane.
In your personality, what trait of yours is currently operating unchecked? What does it look like to get this trait in check? 
Letting Go,

Designed in California

As I continue to process my findings about myself from the Pathmaker personality metric I went through in December, I continue to unlock nuances to how much impact these nuances have for me. One of these nuances resides within my purpose statement, “I must … create opportunities for others to pursue excellence.” This bit isn’t about me. This bit is about other people. It is about giving them a place to be who they are and suceed. I do not have to succeed for them, I need to put them in a position where they can succeed. I need to give them the tools, resources, and implements they need to be able to pursue excellence. 

The most notable part about pursuing excellence is not achieving it all the time. Hopefully, we will achieve excellence as a rule. However, there will be times where we are in a situation and we cannot achieve. Some people call an unsuccessful pursuit, ‘failure.’ I call an unsuccessful pursuit, ‘education.’ Retitling failure as education takes a bit of the edge off, it does not take away my fear or negative attitude towards it. Retitling failure as education reminds me of the purpose of failure, to learn. 

Thus, we have reached the pinnacle of the back half of my purpose statement. I am here to create space for people. For people to learn, to try, to succeed, to educate, to enjoy life, to be frustrated, to be who they are at their fullest potential. I am here for the purpose of other people. I am freed from making them succeed and tasked with empowering and equipping them to succeed. 

I am both freed and excited.

Whether in mass or in one–on–one (much preferable) situations, I am here to create space for other people to do what they are designed for.

What are you designed to do? When was the last time you acted like this out?

For you, 


Wake Me Up, When December Ends

I’ve been wrestling. (I’m sure this is a surprise.) But I have been wrestling with myself and why now. Why December? Why not next summer? Why not never? Why not when I’m 73 and retired? Why now? 

Why a sabbatical now, in December of 2014?

Then it struck me. Finally. The question spun itself. When better than right now? 

I’m going to be seeing family and friends. I’m going to have time to spend with these people. Not for the usual purpose of being unruly young men. Or the general celebrations with family where we are all meeting and greeting and small talking. I’ll be seeing them this year to talk about my mess. I’ll be seeing them this year to help them deal with their mess. 

This is the season where you and I are met in our messy places to be healed.

The season where I know I can find healing.

What are you going to use this season for?